As an author, words and language are the medium through which you create your art. As such, you must have a good grasp of spelling and grammar.


One misconception commonly held by new authors is that publishers will hire an editor to fix your typos and grammar mistakes. While this might be true for the big five publishers, it's not true for smaller independent publishers.

Before sending your work to any publisher, it should be as error free as possible.


Check out these  handy tools that can help get your manuscript in tiptop shape. 




Mastering the The English language grammar rules is tough as there are simply so many of them. However, the Internet means that answers are just a click away.  


One of our favourite web-based tools is Reverso. If you struggle with tense, prepositions, or modal verbs, Reverso can help.

English grammar 101


Reverso - conjugating verbs

Abbreviating the word 'casual'

Quick and dirty grammar tricks

Education First's English Grammar Guide

After the Deadline Language & Grammar Checker

Punctuation marks you never knew existed

Grammar Monster

Commonly confused words

The English language is replete with mind-boggling grammar rules and spellings. It's no wonder that there are so many commonly confused words i.e. there, their, and they're.

These lists of commonly confused words will help you find exactly the word you need.


St Petersberg College

Business Insider

Lay or Lie?

Misused Phrases

43 Embarrassing Mistakes Made to Common Phrases

Character traits & emotions

No character is all good or all evil. The best characters have a mix of traits and behaviours. These tools might come in handy when developing your cast of characters.

27 Human emotions

638 Primary personality traits

Character flaws


Random stuff

Editing and publishing services & resources

Before sending your work out to publishers, we recommend engaging the services of a professional editor. IPEd has editors that specialise in all kinds of editing from developmental editing to proofreading. 

IPED (Institute of Professional Editors Australia & New Zealand)

Australian Writer's Marketplace

Sometimes we all need to check the meaning of a word before using it.


Dictionaries not only show us what words mean, they show us how to pronounce them and how to use them correctly in sentences. Some dictionaries even show you abbreviations.


Power Thesaurus

Rhyming Dictionary

Synonyms for 'said'

Synonyms for 'look'

Synonyms for 'walk'

Forensic science dictionary

English idioms

Words that rhyme with orange