Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Great Short Stories

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Great Short Stories




Short stories are enjoying something of a Renaissance, which is great news for new and emerging writers!


The short format makes them ideal for reading online. They can be read on smart phones, tablets, or laptops during a lunch break, when commuting, before bed, or whenever the reader can snatch a few minutes during their busy day.


Short stories are not only valuable to readers, but they also provide a stepping-stone for authors aspiring to write a novel. Whether you want to be a dedicated short story writer or preparing for bigger projects, this training can help you achieve your goals.


This training includes discussions on creating memorable characters, genre, literary devices, writing description, as well as several handy worksheets.


Purchasers will have two live sessions with the the tutor during this training. Sessions will be one-on-one with the trainer via Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts.

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