We're here for you!

We're guessing you're here because you want to tell stories, too. You want to write stories and share them with the world. That's fantastic! The world can never have too many stories. The only downside to more stories is not having enough time to read them all!


  • You’ve got ideas but have no idea how to turn them into a story

  • You’ve started writing but lost the central idea and eventually abandoned it

  • You’ve written a couple of stories but received negative feedback

  • You’re nervous because you didn’t study English at school

  • You're concerned because you don’t know anything about the writing and publishing industry

  • You lack confidence or can’t bear the thought of rejection

  • Your goal is to write a novel, but you know you need more training.

They're all great reasons to be here.

The idea of being that brilliant writer who works alone in a garret in Paris is so far from the reality entertained by most of us that it might as well be a plot point in your latest story. These days, most of us snatch a few hours of writing time before heading off to work, or at work during our lunch break, or after work when dinner is done, and the kids are finally tucked into bed.

Any fool can know. The point

is to understand.


~ Albert Einstein.

Writing is hard work, especially going it alone.


Most people who do something at an elite level have a coach or mentor who shares their knowledge and wisdom of the discipline, and who supports and encourages them to be the best that they can possibly be.

It’s no different with creative people. People who work in creative fields also benefit from the advice of trusted friends and mentors. In fact, the literary world is overflowing with examples of author/mentor relationships.

Throughout your writerly journey, it’s likely you’ll have several mentors. Each one will teach you something new or support you in a different way, and that’s great. That’s how it should be. No one teacher will have all the answers you need.

At Your Writing Mentor, we're not just storytellers. We're also professional editors, produced screenwriters, published authors, and certified trainers who have over twenty-five years' experience in the writing and publishing industry.


We have post graduate degrees in Creative Writing and have written and edited everything from poetry and song lyrics to children's stories, feature film scripts, short stories, academic texts, novels, and more. ​We've also taught creative writing at several learning institutions in Australia. 

  • Diploma of Arts (Writing & Editing)

  • Advance Diploma of Arts (Screenwriting)

  • Bachelor of Writing & Publishing

  • Master of Arts (Creative Writing)

  • Certificate IV (Training & Assessment)

Our trainings can show you how to write powerful, entertaining fiction content. We can show you tricks of the trade and what you need to to do to enter the fiction writing arena.


If you're ready to take the next step, if you're ready to take your ideas and turn them into your best work yet, we're here for you!