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Essential training for new and aspiring authors

who are ready to get serious about the craft of writing fiction.

just like you!

Everyone can be a writer, but not everyone can be an author.

What’s the difference? Well, a writer is someone who writes whether they are published or not. An author is someone who is published.

Not all authors are passionate about writing. For some, being an author is all about collecting a pay cheque. However, writers are passionate about writing. They write regardless of being published. They write because they are compelled to do so and can't imagine living in a world where they don't write.

Whether you're a writer or an aspiring author, it's a mistake to think that good writing just happens, or that you don't need to learn to learn the craft in order to produce quality content or manuscripts.

Have you ever downloaded a book from Kindle and been shocked by the quality of the writing? The plot holes? The bad spelling? The cringeworthy grammar? The characters you couldn't care less about?

Bad writing sticks out.


The truth is, creative writing is about more that just getting words down on the page. It's about structure and criticism and ongoing development. Writing fiction creatively is like painting a picture with words. It's an artform that requires some level of instruction or training, especially if your goal is to become a published author.

More importantly, publishers and agents expect your work to be high standard before sending it to them.

Chances are you’re here because Your Writing Mentor has something that you need at this particular stage of your writing journey. If you would...

  • like to write well crafted narratives

  • like to learn storytelling techniques used by professional authors

  • like to write the best work of your writerly journey so far

...then you've come to the right place. Whether you're writing for yourself or for an audience, our trainings will give you the tools and knowledge you need to write well-crafted works of fiction.

You'll learn...

How to create great characters.

You'll learn...

How to write meaningful scenes.

You'll learn...

How to create narrative drive.

You'll learn...

How to structure a great stories.

You'll learn...

A different way of looking at theme.

You'll learn...

How to write great description.


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...reading the content made me feel like an apprentice reading the building plans of a journeyman...

Michael. k

...excellent and knowledgeable content. They know their stuff and I learned a LOT from them.

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